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We take pride in our partnerships, with numerous well-known retailers across Australia.  Securing and maintaining these partnerships means we provide your favourite stores with a reliable assembly service, which you can trust. Flatpack Assembly Services removes the challenge for retailers of needing to sustain a systemised service to build your flatpack products.  This leaves them to focus on what they do best; provide you with top quality furniture and products for your home, office or other spaces.

With our combined efforts, Flatpack Assembly Services and its Retail Partners provide you with an excellent end-to-end experience.  From purchasing your flatpack product, to having it professionally assembled in your home or office, ready to enjoy! If you’ve been holding back for months, from buying your dream garden shed, because it comes in a few thousand pieces - there's no stopping you now!  Someone can take care of the problematical dilemma for you.  Call in the flatpack experts; we've got your back, and you'll be looking at that magnificent shed, built and ready for use, in no time.  If you have any questions on our retail partners, feel free to give us a call on 1300 352 872.

Partnership Opportunity

Are you a retailer looking for a professional and reliable assembly service partner?  We understand that services are not part of your core business, that's why we're here to help.  Find out more on how we can help your business here. 

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As a man in a van service, we come to you, in your home or office, to assemble your products. There’s no doubt you’ll spot our bright green
vans coming down the road from a mile away! Check our locations to see if we service your area.