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Our Company.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Flatpack Global is continuously looking for additional opportunities to contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

At Flatpack Assembly Services we’re mindful of the environment in which we all live, work and play.  We’re keen on making sure we do our part, as a responsible corporate citizen, to preserve and assist wherever possible.

Our Sustainable Vision approach is;

  • targeting 2030 for all our vehicles to be powered by renewable energy sources
  • reducing our overall emission percentages, year on year
  • reducing our total waste percentages, year on year
  • actively exploring better and cleaner methods of recycling, as they become available

We are well on our way to becoming a carbon positive business, and continue to maintain sustainability by:

  • Effective vehicle management
  • Material partnering agreements
  • Resource tracking
  • Appropriate rubbish removal and recycling

Our duty of care extends to ensuring we partner with businesses and individuals that share our commitment to a GREENER and cleaner planet.